Bridle Medium Zip Portfolio Pouch - Red

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This medium sized pouch in red bridle leather is not for a shrinking violet. It is the choice for the bold who are not scared to stand out. The bright red smooth surface is complemented by a strip of slightly darker tone dressed calf on the side gusset and a touch of London Tan on the zip tab at the top. The pouch opens up to reveal the golden yellow jacquard fabric boasting the Ettinger monogram.

Just pop your iPad, A5 notepads and pens all into the pouch, separate some of the smaller papers from the rest by using the slip pocket on the side. The pouch is very light to carry and its small size enables you to keep it in a bigger briefcase or handbag when you don’t need it.  The secure zip means you can also carry important travel documents like a passport, making this the perfect travel accessory.

When well looked after, bridle leather will grow even more luxurious over time and will acquire a beautiful shiny patina.