Liquid Marine Blue

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Newly patented comfort "no grip" waistband. Evolutionary Hyper-Microfiber for superior performance. Moisture wicking and anti-bacterial. Best 360 stretch and recovery. Remarkably soft and extremely durable.

There are lots of performance fabrics out there, but not one hyper-microfiber fabric till now. This evolutionary fabric enfolds your skin without gripping; superior 360º stretch and recovery allow it to move with you in perfect tandem and comfort. Liquid lies closer to your skin as there are no stitched bindings on the legs or hem, yet it won’t bunch or crimp your style. The patented hyper-microfiber fabric is knit with the world’'s most sophisticated superfine knitting machines. The needles on this machine are smaller than the legs of an insect and invisible to the naked eye during the high-speed knitting process. This creates a knit unlike any fabric you’ve ever felt, so soft, pliant, yet highly durable and breathable.

Hit the gym or the couch in comfort. It will keep its shape no matter what you get up to. Freecut at the hem rather than stitched for a clean, crisp finish that lies seamlessly against your skin.